Sunday, August 24, 2008


Today i learned to juggle. Allen may say that he taught me, but he did not. He can juggle with one hand, and 2 balls, but i can do that, and with 2 hands and 3 balls, which is much harder. So that is basicly it, i didn't really do anything today except watch t.v., practice my juggling, and go on the computer. All in all, a pretty boring day.


Mellimaus said...

Hmm...thats cool.

Did you have a power outage? Our power just came back on :-P.

Allen said...

What! I did teah you!

worminator said...

no, we didn't have a power outage, and allen you taught me how to do the one handed better, i could sorta do it, but you weren't even there when i did it 2 handed with three balls, which is much harder.