Thursday, February 28, 2008


Well, today i figured out a code that Allen sent me, and it was actually really easy, it was just "post on you blog" backwords, so i am. I can't wait till tomarrow, hopefully, because me and allen are in a small group with this guy in are church, Chad, and he is amazing, so every 1 and 3 weekend we meet, but since this a 5th weekend, we sometimes do things, so hopefully we will do something tomarrow.

Did you know that this year is a leap year, well it is, so on friday, it is an extra day in february.

Also, something that i think is cool, is that every leap year is also a presidential election year. So the next leap year will also be voting for another president.

Well this has been another random post MY WAY.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lunar Eclipse

A few days ago, my uncle told me that there was going to be a lunar eclipse last night at 8:43. So at that said time, I went out, an it had only just started, so not much of the moon was covered. By 9:30, IT WAS AMAZING!!! By that time, nearly half of the moon was covered. My whole family had come out, and my dad was trying to take some pictures, this picture was from the internet, but he didn't get any good shots. By 10:00, THE WHOLE MOON WAS COVERED! It was really cool, we also saw the big dipper, not very well though because of the clouds. So when we came in, we were freezing so my sister made some hot cocoa. So basically all that i wanted to say was that there was a lunar eclipse last night, and it was really cool. I wanted to say that, but i decided to tell the whole story.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

I was tagged

I was tagged by Allen, so i have to post 7 things about myself.

1)When I was born, my ear was folded, and it took like a week to come back to it's normal shape.
2)I like archery.
3)I am the main character in the Sammy Shows(they are amazing shows that me and Allen make).
4)I love the word FASCINATING!!!
7)I have a blog(obviously, lol).

The only person that i am tagging is Dr.Imeedummy.