Friday, January 9, 2009

i am doing this to make people happy.

Well, i am sorry that i haven't posted in a while, but it doesn't matter because nobody will look at my blog anyways. I am just doing this because people were bugging me about posting. But ya, so i guess i will just talk about my day.

Well, so i got to school and basicly just wandered the halls until allen go there, then we wandered the halls together.

Advisory:Well, i really get bored during advisory, and it is even worse now, because we have basicly the worst sub that has ever worked for the school.

Earth Science:well basicly we just took notes the entire time.

Health:well, this is the worst class i have ever had, and i am not exaggerating.

Gym:Well, my gym class is the worst class they could have made. It is like they put all of the jouvaniles in that one class.

German:Well, i was really nervous for german, because i had to present a really big project, but i did really good, and my teacher said i did very good at improv.

English:Well, today we were finishing our practice NYS tests, which are really easy.

Social Studies:Well, today we were working on our national history day project, and if you read allen blog, you know what that is.

Lunch:Well, if you read allens blog, you know what we do everyday at lunch.

Home and Careers:Well, i was really nervous going there because i had to finish aa project the night before, but my computer doesn't have the program i needed, even though i thought we did. But she let me go and finish it.

Math:Well, we did the same thing we usually do, figure out how much money the academy needs for new flooring.

Well, i just realized that i started every paragraph with well. That was my day, not to exciting.